Alex Bertie’s Tattoos

Alex Ash Bertie is a transgender YouTuber, Blogger and Author from Dorset, UK. He started his YouTube about LGBTQ+ issues and his experiences transitioning from female to male cannel in 2010. Since than his channel “TheRealAlexBertie”, has reached over 300000 subscribers. Furthermore, in 2017 Bertie published an autobiography of his transition experience entitled “Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard through”.

Bertie has several wonderful tattoos on his body. In the middle of his chest, you will find an eye tattoo. On his left arm, he tattooed an octopus in the middle of the ocean surrounded by underwater stuff such as a shell, bubbles, bottle with message. Moreover, Bertie inked a snake tattoo and circuit board with a chip. On his left shoulder, there is a robot with YouTube logo and on his right forearm, there is a green alien tattoo. His newest tattoo is a Cymbal-banging monkey. Furthermore, he inked an UFO which try to abduct a cow in 2018.