Melanie B’s Tattoos

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Melanie Janine Brown is an English singer, songwriter and TV celebrity who became famous as member of a girl band Spice Girls. She is also known as Melanie B, Mel B or Scary Spice. Spice Girls were extremely popular in the 90’s and are one of the best selling female groups of all time. During their band career they managed to sell over 85 millions records worldwide, won a numerous amount of awards and had a huge impact and influence on the Pop culture.

On Melanie’s shoulder we can see a Phoenix tattoo, which  may be a reference to her daughter who has the same name.

Melanie B’s Phoenix tattoo.

On her body we see a script tattoo that says “Stephen, till death do us part you own my heart.” 2017 she removed the name of his ex husband after they split.

Asian script tattoo on Melanie’s stomach.

On Melanie’s back we can see a Chinese dragon tattoo.