Luca Hanni’s Tattoo

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Luca Hänni is a Swiss singer, songwriter and model. Moreover he plays guitar, piano and drums. Hänni started his musician career in 2012 and in the same year he won in the German TV show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Afterwards he released his debut studio album “My Name Is Luca”. The year later he released the album “Living the Dream” and in he finished the work on the “When We Wake Up”. Furthermore, his single “‘Don’t Think about Me” reached a gold status in Switzerland and had number one on the charts in Germany. Hänni is also well known for his other singles like “The A Team”, “I Will Die for You”, “Shameless” and “She Got Me”. With the last song he represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

We know that Hänni has at least one tattoo. He tattooed Gandhi’s words “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” on his right arm.