Niklas Sule’s Tattoos

Niklas Sule is a German professional footballer. He plays as a centre back for the Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich and for the Germany national team. His football career started at the sports club Rot-Weiszlig. Walldorf. Eintracht Frankfurt was the next club he went to and later he switched to another club called SV Darmstadt 98. After half a year he changed to 1899 Hoffenheim and since January 2017 he has been playing for the FC Bayern Munich. He started his international career at the Germany U17;and he played first time in the Germany national football team in 2016. His football career looks great, but what do his tattoos look like? In the interview with tz Niklas said, that he has no tattoo obsession, but he cares about the meanings of his tattoos. So, the inked C und G are the initials of his parents. He has also his brother & a cute’s date of birth tattooed on his collarbone. Moreover, Niklas is fascinated with Maori-Tattoos, that is why he inked them on his arms.

Niklas Sule