Haris Seferovic Tattoos

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Haris Seferović is a Swiss professional footballer. He plays as a striker for the Portuguese club “Benfica” and the Switzerland national football team. His international career started in 2013 and one year later he represented Switzerland at the 2014 FIFA World Cup and two years later he fought for the UEFA Euro Cup.

But what is about his tattoo story? Haris Seferović has an erased tattoo on his wrist: initials of his ex-girlfriend Almedina. Now a football tattoo can be found on that place.

You will find another great tattoo on his right arm: it is a flag of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the years 1992–1998 under the huge old clock.

And here are the words “Familija gdje zivot pocinje i ljubav ne prestaje” tattooed on his right shoulder.