Dak Prescott’s Tattoos

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Rayne Dakota Prescott is an American professional American football player who plays as quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL. He was born on July 29 1993 in Sulphur, Louisiana, USA. During his college career Dak played for Mississippi State Bulldogs from 2011 until 2016 as he was drafted by Dallas Cowboys. He also has some interesting tattoo arts on his body, so lets take a look on them.

On the inside of his right upper arm you will find the word “LEO” which is his zodiac sign.

Prescott tattooed his first name “DAK” in the middle of his back and obviously the initials of his brothers Tad and Jace Prescott “TJP” and “JMP” on the back side of his arms. On his upper back he inked the words “FIGHT FINISH”.

Right arm tattoos.

Tattoos over Prescott’s upper body and Lion on his left shoulder, above the lion is “Pride”.