Tamta’s Tattoos

Tamta Goduadze well known by her stage name as Tamta, is a Georgian-Greek singer from Tbilisi. She started her musician career in 2004 on the talent show “Super Idol”. I the same year Tamta released her firs single “Eisai To Allo Mou Miso”. In 2006, she released her first studio album “Tamta”. Two further albums “Agapise Me” and “Tharros I Alitheia” were released in 2007 and 2010. Tamta is well known for the songs such as “With Love”, “Tharros I Alitheia”, “Gennithika Gia Sena”, “Always Broken” and “Gennithika Gia Sena (Unplugged)”. In 2019, Tamta represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with the song “Replay”. Moreover, she appeared in the musicals such as “Rent” and “Cabaret” as well as TV shows “X-Factor” and “Project Runway”.

Tamta has several cool tattoos on her body. On her right shoulder you’ll find a tattoo which looks like a bird singing on the bunch, but it stands for her daughter (Annie), music and singing, her country (Georgia) and her language (Georgian).

Tamta tattooed the inscription “make a change” on her right hand.

On her left arm Tamta has a tattoo, which looks like a heartbeat line.

The inscription in Georgian language is inked on the left side of her body.

Moreover, she has inked the words “Beat it” on her finger.