Matt Ibbs’s Tattoos

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Matt Ibbs is a British musician from London. In 2018 Ibbs started his solo project “The Happy Pill Academy” and released his first album “Kerosene, Matches and Time” on Spotify. His music has elements of 90’s grunge infused riffs, strong lyrics and is inspired by Nirvana, Eels and Beck. Ibbs’s most popular songs are “United, or Fuck you Sarah”, “A Conspiracy of Crows”, “Fascimilia Fascimilia”, “I’m Not Cross, I’m Cross-Dressing” and “Dearest Amy”.

Ibbs has three cool tattoos on his body. On his left shoulder you will find a dragon tattoo.

Here you can see a panther tattooed on his right shoulder. Moreover, there is a halo tattoo on his right forearm.