Lenny Kravitz’s Tattoos

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Leonard Albert Kravitz (or better known as Lenny Kravitz) is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. His music is the mix of rock, pop, blues, soul, jazz, funk, R&B and folk. Lenny is a multi-talented person: he often plays all of the instruments himself while singing his songs. Lenny is well-known for his albums “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, “5”, “Lenny” and “Black and White America” and also for his singles “Fly Away” and “I’ll Be Waiting”. Besides his musician career, he has some acting experience. You can see him in such movies as “The Hunger Games”, “Precious” and “Zoolander”.

He has also some nice tattoos on his body. It seems that Lenny is fond of Japanese style tattoos. So, you will find a tattoo of a great Japanese dragon on his chest.

Another dragon in green is inked on his left shoulder. Both dragons stand for the ultimate supernatural power.

Besides the dragons, he has also a black cross tattooed on his right arm.

The words “Free At Last” are tattooed on his right arm.

And here is the capital letter “Z” inked in his finger in honor of his daughter Zoë (tattooed by Bang Bang).

The words “My Heart Belongs To Jesus Christ” tattooed across his back.