Kehlani’s Tattoos

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Kehlani Ashley Parrish is an American singer and songwriter. She was born on April 24, 1995 in Oakland, California, USA. From the early years Parrish was interested in dancing and singing. After a knee injury in junior high she decided to concentrate herself on her vocal talents. In the age of 14 Kehlani joined a teen group Poplyfe. 2014 Parrish released her first commercial mixtape “Cloud 19” and one  year later the second one called “You Should Be Here”. Kehlani’s first debut album “SweetSexySavage” came out 2017. She is also a big fan of tattoo art so lets take a look at her tattoos.

Next to her ear we see a Queen of hearts tattoo. A sun flower is on her shoulder. On her left arm are Lauryn Hill and Frida Kahlo tattoos and the word “WOKE” on her hand.

Here we can see a lotus tattoo on her left hand. On right upper leg is Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction character) ink. On the right lower leg is a Betty Boop tattoo. Beneath her eye is a paper plane.

A longboard tattoo on her leg.