Corbyn Besson’s Tattoos

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Corbyn Matthew Besson is an US-American singer and songwriter from Texas. He started to play music as he was 12 and since 2016, Besson is a member of the pop band “Why Don’t We” (WDW). He is well known for the singles like “8 Letters“, “Hooked” and “Trust Fund Baby”. In 2017, the band released the debut studio album “8 Letters”. Moreover, Besson is YouNow star and celebrity.

Besson has at least one tattoo. There are two thin lines tattooed on his right arm. There are not just two lines; Besson put a deep meaning in his tattoo. It stands for “Read between the lines.” He thinks that if you want to find a deeper meaning of everything in your life, then you should read between the lines. Such a nice metaphor!